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Seller’s Guide

What Kind of Seller Can Sell Products On Advitty?

As a seller, Advitty online classifieds india allows you the fastest ad posting experience ever ( Post Ad in 5 Secs.). You can list just about anything at all on Advitty classifieds. Be it vehicles, home products, cars & bikes, mobile & tablets, clothes, décor items, used products and also jobs,buy sell rent real estate property.

Advitty classifieds india allows sellers to list anything and everything. We have 16 categories and over 130 sub-categories to suit your needs. Also as a seller, you only need to register an account with us and the registration is totally free and straightforward.

Once registered, you can post information on any goods or services you want to sell. Our platform accepts ad postings on both new and used items. You can also post as many ads as possible. As a seller, you will not have to pay a dime for posting ads on our Advitty classifieds platform.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due Dillgence for Buyers & sellers Seller’s & Buyers have to do their own due-diligence before meeting, giving cash or taking any services from seller’s on Advitty, Advitty is not resposible for any mis-happening, scam or fruad.

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